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Optimization & Organization
of Healthcare practices

   Ephycient @ a Glance

A simple, effective and comprehensive healthcare management solution:

  • Centralized cloud-based information
  • Comprehensive range of IT tools
  • Available on every connected device
  • Secure and compliant with all the European medical data protection standards

We have evolved our complex management system into an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Easy implementation in your practice:

  • Customized solutions to fit your business
  • Configuration of the software by our team
  • Technical support available on demand

The Ephycient team handles installation, implementation of custom features and ongoing service to keep your practice running smoothly.

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   Our Mission

We provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to focus on their core activities, optimize their processes and sustain their growth.

   The Ephycient Success Story

   Our Success Story

Developing our innovative streamline management tool:

Ephycient provides a platform that allows startups to meet vital requirements for survival and growth.

Ephycient’s founder, a physiotherapist and self-taught computer scientist with a business background (MBA), was facing a number of challenges to expand his home care physiotherapy business, Kiné@Dom SEL. The environment was competitive: the region, France’s Côte d’Azur, hosts a very high density of practitioners (1 for every 520 inhabitants).

After two years of process analysis encompassing careful reporting of any glitch, from inter-practitioner admin relations to patient-admin-practitioner interactions, he elected to digitalize these processes into the first version of Ephycient Solutions.

Ephycient is implemented in the management of Kiné@Dom processes from September 2013. Under the new system, the company’s number of quarterly consultations increased to 242 % from Q4 2013 to Q4 2016. Today over 20 practitioners carry out more than 5000 cumulative visits per month.

In only 2 years, Ephycient allowed Kiné@Dom to become the French leader of at-home physiotherapy.

   Our Expertise

  • We understand how healthcare practices evolve and can anticipate their development needs
  • We have hands-on experience implementing optimal processes to run and grow businesses
  • Our platform embeds digitalized versions of all key processes into a flexible, interactive interface to assist in every step of development

   Our Objectives

  • Actively apply the P4M concept: Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation
  • Provide access to Ephycient software on a large scale
  • Customize the service to assist virtually any type of healthcare practice

Data management, organization and processes optimization are our strengths. Our goal is to put them to use on a large scale within a model of personalized medicine.

Deeper into our Secure Online Solution for Healthcare Professionals

Deeper into our Secure Online Solution for Healthcare Professionals

Our software enables automation and standardization of internal processes while organizing medical data:

  • Manage and coordinate your Staff
  • Communicate internally and share data securely
  • Optimize administrative tasks, notably through messaging automation for a variety of interactions
  • Improve productivity while reducing time spent on unpaid tasks
  • Manage your resources
  • Optimize home care with our geolocation tool to save time and money while reducing the risk of accidents
  • Access other features such as statistics, billing and marketing tools

Easy and secure access to your patient data and a patient-practitioner communication tool:

  • Organize appointments online through a shared scheduling system
  • Allow patients to book their own appointments based on their chosen practitioner’s availability
  • Upload patient data securely, or allow either patients or practitioners to upload the data themselves
  • Enable patient-practitioner messaging and file sharing through the platform

An all-in one healthcare practice & patient management tool to optimize cost-efficacy at every level

   Results Of Ephycient at Kiné@DomOur Pilot’s Results

Improved Measures at Every Level:

  • 75% reduction in missed appointments
  • 30% time decrease in team management
  • 30% decrease in processing time for administrative files
  • 50% reduction in distance travelled
  • 40% reduction in travel time
Some of Ephycient′s Results - From Kiné@Dom

Indirect positive impacts:

  • Patient satisfaction resulting from smoother processes
  • Employee satisfaction resulting from improved cost-efficacy ratio
  • Stock outages avoided
  • Lower risk of road accidents

The Future

We are currently implementing AI to analyze Big Data from healthcare with the aim of contributing significantly to the forthcoming revolution in personalized medicine.